Incredible IT candidates, a transparent pipeline, and rigorous filtering and testing.

chileandusa2LatAm Connex brings you fresh talent that you never realized existed. There are thousands of US ex-pats and highly trained fully bilingual programmers and back office support staff throughout Latin America with the skills and attitude you need without breaking your pocketbook. 

And if you need to hire people on-site in office, no problem! We work closely with US citizen candidates, and Mexican and Canadian TN visa holders who can be on site with 2 weeks guaranteed, as direct hires. No H1B headaches here!

Plus, we give you full access to our beautiful, transparent pipeline so you can follow your candidates all the way though the process, and have access to their technical tests, video interviews, and screening questionnaires. 

We love recruiting



US Ex-pats and/or Fully Bilingual

Work from home office

$1500-3200 USD per month for your full-time employees



Mexican or Canadian Citizens with Excellent English

On-site in the US within 2 weeks

25-50% off your bill rate



Specialized in Direct Citizen Hires, not H1B

We work as if we were part of your company

Full vetting and technical testing, guaranteed to be in budget!


As the saying goes, if you’re a jack of all trades, you’re a master of none. That’s why we recruit for only IT and IT support positions so we can have a deep understanding of the technical skills and team fit that would be best for your company.

1459471428_Coding_Icons_-_SOLID-11 .NET Developer

1459469383_1416364765_java_coffee_x_cup_application Java Developer

1459471511_code-programming-php-software-develop-command-language PHP Developer

ui UI Developer

ux UI/UX Designer

frontend Front end Developer

backend Back end Developer

sapicon SAP Specialist

itanalyst IT Business Analyst

projectmanagment IT project Manager

1459469907_ios iOS Developer

1459470048_76-android Android Developer

webicon Web App Developer

windows Windows System Engineer

1459471236_linux_tox Linux Developer

techsupp Tier I,II,III Tech Support

virutalassist Virtual Assistant

marketing Marketing

backoffice Back Office


How we Work



  • Michel Castillo
  • Virgilio Villagrán
  • José Ruiz
  • Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Andrea Farjat
  • Nelson Barrera
  • Jorge Montiel
  • Argenis Alvarez
  • Antonio Avedaño
  • Hernán Astudillo
  • Francisca Medina
  • César Cid
  • Jesús Aguilar
  • Gabriel Alegría
  • Rolan Brouillette
  • Susan Payne
  • Ismael Herrera
  • Igriet Gonzalez
  • Lindsay Filkins
  • Kayode Anthony
  • Phanor Coll
  • Omar Rodríguez
  • Nicolas Mengual
  • Veronica Gómez
  • Carlos Rios
  • Allyn Shore
  • Arístides Castillo
  • Carlos Alcala
  • Federico Provera
  • Gustavo Sánchez
  • Crystal Manafi
  • Alberto Ramírez
  • Eligio Merino
  • Gastón Gabarro
  • Laura Castro
  • Israel Capetillo
  • Michel Castillo



Jacki Torres
Jacki Torres
Executive Director
Richard Stuardo
Richard Stuardo
Coaching & Community Manager
Andrés Flores
Andrés Flores
Resource Coordinator
Claudia Espinoza
Claudia Espinoza
Senior Recruiter
Jorge Varela
Jorge Varela
Senior Recruiter
Eamon Bohan
Eamon Bohan
Outreach Coordinator
Ashok Amaran
Ashok Amaran
IT Support

Latest Blog Entries


  • Do I have to pay anything to start working with you?

    Absolutely not! It is completely free to send us your job description, liaise with us about your filtering questions, what you’re looking for, and even receive access to our interactive pipeline and start interviewing candidates.

    You only pay ANYTHING once you have already selected your ideal candidate to hire, and they have been successfully working for a month. And, on top of all of it, every professional comes with a 3 month guarantee. If they don’t work out for any reason, we will replace them for free.

  • What does your candidate pipeline/database look like?

    The founder of LCX, Jacki Torres, has been working in the industry for a considerable amount of time, starting with representing the country of Chile’s IT association through the Chile iT initiative, which included numerous travels to many countries throughout the region, in which she began to make connections with the IT associations and key players all throughout the region, and bring together the best of the best programmers in many countries in the Americas, through meet ups, conferences, networking, and workshops.

    To date in 2016, we have an incredibly extensive database of developers and back-office support professionals that have exceptional English, great personalities, and impressive technical skills, ready to work remotely or on-site.

  • Are the professionals direct hires or do we work through LatAm Connex?

    In almost all cases, the professionals will incorporate directly into your team as your direct hired, full-time employees. We are not middle man unless you need us to be. Most of our clients prefer to send their own contracts directly and not utilize a C2C model, however if it is needed, we are a US-based company and we are open to operating under that model as well.

  • Do you recruit as our company (with our email address and identity) or as LatAm Connex?

    We actually can do both! Depending on what your preference is, you can either work with us on a commission-only basis, in which case we retain our own identity and email address, and simply send you the pre-filtered candidates for your interview, or we can work under a base/retainer model with a smaller commission in which we assume your company identity, use an email address from your company, participate in your stand up meetings and represent you directly. It’s fully up to you! 🙂 We can even assign you a full-time recruiter from our team to work exclusively with you, with the added benefit of our tools and back-office.

  • What if I don’t want to work with remote people? Can they come on-site?

    In addition to recruiting for remote positions, we also work extensively with both US citizen/Green Card local placements, with the added benefit of our extensive filtering and testing, as well as our transparent, interactive pipeline, and Mexican TN visa holders who can be on site within 1-2 weeks in your location.

  • Do you have experience staffing for Federal Government contracts?

    Yes! We have extensive experience staffing for Federal Government contracts and are very familiar with the necessary Security Clearances, CLIN levels, and particular needs that government contracts entail, as well as the necessity in many cases to only hire US citizens, and in some cases green card holders. We have placed over 45 people in the USDA, the Peace Corps, the US Marshall Service, and others, in 2015-2016.
  • How long does it take from the time I give a job description to hire?

    We pride ourselves on a very quick turn around time. From the time you give us the job description to the time we present you with our top candidates for you to interview after our intensive filtering and testing is complete, our aim is 5-10 calendar days, depending on the position. For many of the more “common” positions, we already have an extensive database of completely filtered and tested professionals, and the turn around is much quicker (2-4 days) than for the more “specialty” positions.

  • What time zone do the professionals work in?

    All of the professionals are physically based in the US time zones. With that being said, even if they are in the Eastern time zone and you are located in California, they will work Pacific hours if that is what you prefer.

  • How do you manage communication and ensure the people are working when they are not in the same room with me?

    At LatAm Connex, our entire team is also remote, so we can say we are experts on how to connect, communicate, and get things done, despite not being in the same room. There are some really incredible and innovative tools that have come out in recent years that really facilitate remote working. Some of our favorites are Sqwiggle (static pictures that are taken every few seconds, that “come to life” and become instant live video when you click on them so you can connect), Slack (awesome team chat and file sharing), and Skype for unlimited calling no matter where you are.

  • What are the average rates and how do I pay the developers

    There are many, many benefits to hiring your new team members through LatAm Connex. One of them is that due to the vast difference in cost of living between the US and the physical locations of our professionals, the average monthly cost of a developer with between 3-10 years of experience ranges between $2000-3500 USD. For an support role, such as a virtual assistant, back office, or sales/marketing professional, the cost averages from $800-2500 USD per month depending on Seniority level, location, number of hours, and the duties to be performed. There are many more options than you might expect for paying the professionals, including the Payoneer service which they sign up for that allows you to just transfer normally into a Bank of America account in the US, as well as Paypal, wire transfer, and if necessary, working through us for the payment.

  • Especially if they are located outside the US?

    Realizing that most companies already have some sort of structure in place for these types of arrangements, we attempt to be as accommodating as possible. Some of the structures that we currently have in place with current clients are:

    – 10% of annual salary, with 3 month guarantee – (this is our most common arrangement).

    – Flat fee for each placement (generally when there is considerable volume) Percentage or fixed rate from each hour worked, invoiced at the end of the month

    – Retainer/Base salary model for part time or full time direct representation (representing you and recruiting in the name of your company, and participating as a full team member with you).

    Please feel free to contact Jacki directly to discuss the structure that works for you- In all cases, you don’t pay ANYTHING until you have already selected a candidate that you love and want to hire!

  • How much do you charge for your services?

    Every professional comes with a 3 month guarantee. If for any reason they don’t work out, including quitting, getting fired, lack of team fit, etc, we will replace them for free with a candidate of your choice, either from the pool of filtered candidates, or through a new search process, free of charge.