2016 Events

/2016 Events

With 2016, LatAm Connex saw great change and we participated in major events in Chile that mark the growth of remote work in Latin America and the recognition of the great talent living in this region of the world. In addition to the larger events we were part of, we hosted several smaller ones in Uruguay and Argentina.

9PUNTO5, Valdivia, Chile

9punto5 was the largest megaconference of its kind in Chile, gathering a wide array of talent from around the world that spearheads remote work as a legitimate form of work.

9punto5: Who we met and what we learned

Barry McSweeney
Claudio Salazar

Digital Nomad: Women in Tech, Valparaíso

Digital Nomad hosted in Valparaíso a panel on women, remote work and technology. Our CEO Jacki, alongside one of our recruiters Claudia gave a presentation with the goal of giving women encouragement and more tools to find greater work opportunities via LatAm Connex.

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