Are Latino Developers making innovation difficult?

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These are some of the Mistakes Latin America Companies are doing when it is about innovation according to NearShore Americas.

Country-Specific Focus
According to Carlos Amaral, an Alsbridge Director, one major mistake is a country-specific focus. “Latin American software developers aren’t effective at pursuing opportunities beyond their country’s borders,” he said.

The importance of a Safe Place to Fail
For Joseph Flahiff, leadership coach and author of Being Agile in a Waterfall World, the single most significant issue in creating a context for innovation, is the creation of a context where people feel confident to fail.

Adopting a Laidback Business Culture
Business culture differs from country to country and from company to company, and often there is a correlation between the kind of business culture created and the level of innovation achieved. Highly innovative companies like Apple and Google tend to adopt cultures where competitiveness and innovation and coupled with fun.

Being Afraid to be Different
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but innovation requires difference, and while staying ahead of the competition is important, it can be just as important to sway away from what others are doing.

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