LatAm Connex Professionals: Proactive, Passionate, and Excited to work

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They may not look much different than their fellow citizens walking down the streets of Bogotá, Santo Domingo, or Mexico City… But these extraordinary young professionals  have been quietly and proactively preparing themselves to be different- to be leaders in the global IT outsourcing industry.

Despite being born in countries that did not easily facilitate English-language learning, these young Java developers, .Net engineers, PHP coders, and all sorts of other types of programming and design have dedicated countless hours of their lives to improving their English fluency and comprehension, understanding American culture, increasing their international business soft skills, and keeping themselves up to date on the current events in the industry.

This month of February we will be featuring two of the top men who have been filtered for US companies:

We would like to introduce you to Adonay Andrade, a Mexico City native who specializes in Avaya technologies and has self-taught himself English to become more competitive… 

LCX: How did you learn English?

Adonay: I have learned English through a variety of methods. I took several courses in person, have experience working with Indian companies, and have practical experience using English in my work to escalate tickets to different tiers of support.  

LCX: Avaya is a very specialized niche technology, and is difficult to find. What has your experience been with it?

Adonay: I worked with the largest call center in Mexico, for Mexicana de Aviación. There I used to do all the new requirements regarding call treatments, new voice mails, audio announcements, troubleshoting incidents of VOIP and network. Also when was required I applied some patches or software upgrades. I also have experience working with all the Verint Suite for Call Center, such as Impact360°, QM, Viewer, eLearning. Through all this work experience, I have also acquired knowledge in technologies as Avaya Aura Contact Center, Avaya Interaction Center, Linux and data base administration. 


Arístides Castillo, a Venezuela nativeMeet Arístides Castillo, a Venezuela native with a passion for .Net programming…

LCX: How good is your English level?

Arístides:  I have grown up with English ever since I was a child. My father is an English teacher and I’ve spoken it my entire life. 

LCX: How would you compare yourself to the highly skilled engineers who have grown up in more “developed” countries:

Arístides: On a scale of 1-10, where 10 is Anders Helsberg (Founder of C#), I consider myself between a 7 and an 8.  I have experience, skills, deep commitment, and I’m a project closer. I get things done. For example, I am very proud of for example, in which I was lead architect and project manager. It’s an enterprise level site and ´delightfully user friendly´.

LCX:  What does it mean to you to work with a US company from home?

Arístides: It actually represents a dream for me, just like for a huge number of latin americans: Getting a stable, well paid job while living nearby the ones we love and care about. I can actually improve my living standard without moving out from my country.