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As obstacles like physical distance and the storing of data become more surmountable, the number of people forging ahead grows. One said individual, Gastón Gabarro, has found this path through LatAm Connex. We celebrate the fact that it has been already a month since Gastón began working in Data Mining and Business Development. He’s here today to tell us about it and what it means to him.

“I don’t stop learning. [My new job] keeps changing rapidly because internally, my position is a novel one — they are learning as I learn.” Despite having such an openly-defined position, Gastón feels at ease in what he does and he adapts. Handling several responsibilities and generating leads, he tells us how this relates to his previous experiences:
“I come from an IT background, where the challenge always was a high-pressure ‘if you don’t fix it today, a website crashes tomorrow.’ At this job there’s less pressure, it’s more about moving forward.” The tools he and his team are currently using are quite barebones: data managers and storage in the cloud for the most part, and of course, Slack.

Gastón lays out his interest in IT straightforwardly. “I really like learning about human evolution and because of that, I cannot be left behind; I want to always be at the cutting edge and see what is coming. I’m always reading about technological advances. Elon Musk’s achievements, for example, are the kind of tech at which level I am fascinated by.” The way in which he contemplates technology allows him to realise the mounting challenge people will face when they are dedicated to legacy technology such as the printing press and books, and how this relates to his incursion into web technologies: “I used to be a designer for print, but when I learned how to code webpages, I liked it. Soon after WordPress came out and I fell in love. I learnt how to code; I learned that after learning how to design.”

The remote work experience

“I’ve already worked remotely for several years. This job is a bit different because all my work colleagues are scattered around the world. It’s still very interesting: for example, I am working today with people in Europe and the US.”

Gastón, who lived in Canada for years and returned to Chile, has an interesting bicultural perspective which has taught him a lot about working with North American companies. “I was trawling several online job portals here in Chile. I included in all my search queries ‘English.’ My mind was firmly set on working with a North American company. That’s how I found LatAm Connex”. Part of what motivated him was cultural. Gabarro explains that here in Chile, work culture emphasizes hierarchy differences in the office and the mentality centers more around hours and attendance rather than productivity. “If that’s how they are going to be, we better work for other people. In the US and Canada, [teams] work with goals. ‘Here’s a goal, this is how we achieve it; let’s go for it’”. “Over in Canada, things are much freer. It hinges more on goals. You just go for your target and keep going forward.” Sometimes our boss would send us home early when our job for the day was done, which called his attention because of the autonomy they were granted, and the respect shown to good performance. This is what motivated him to work with American companies with LatAm Connex’s help.

To work a remote position, “you simply need a set schedule and if you sit down and notice you’re not working […] you’ll have to remind yourself that working from home is a luxury, so you should be thankful and do your best.” This way, Gastón organizes his days and performs to the best of his ability.

Regarding his LatAm Connex experience, he tells us that “I found it super tidy, I liked it a lot. I found it very clear and concise. The technology used in the hiring process is pretty great.” To those interested in taking a technological leap forward, Gastón suggests: “You have to be prepared and know what’s out there. Learn, study, take a course because there are so many free courses or keep doing your thing — being the best one in your sphere, or very skilled in another one.”

When it comes to the future and what awaits him, Gastón thinks that “this job here is quite novel, even for the company, which means that I am not sure yet where it will lead me. [It’s very exciting], I will not lie to you. What is most important is not being afraid and as I said before, being grateful and moving forward.”

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