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Ana Santillana had the opportunity to interview Natalia Muñoz, one of our success stories. She was hired around December of last year and is currently working as a remote virtual assistant.

Where are you from and where do you live?

I am Chilean and I currently live in Santiago, Chile’s capital.

What did you study?

I am an English professor; this means I teach university students and give training in this area.

Have you worked remotely before?

No, this is my first time. I find it great, I do not waste time travelling or money in transportation, the work hours are sufficient, the training my company provides is incredible and my workmates are very kind and have great disposition. You only require an internet connection.

Do you have previous experience collaborating with a global and multilingual team? If so, tell us about it.

While I have always been immersed in bilingual work environments locally, this is my first time I have participated globally.

What do you think about remote work? Would you recommend it, and why?

Absolutely. I find it very convenient for me; I believe that it focuses mostly on one’s wise use of time. Work hours are solely those that the company mentions; you don’t use any of your time commuting or money in transportation. You can be close to your family and since it is a remote position, the company is committed to teaching and empowering employees with all the skills that they need to perform well and feel at home.

How did you find this work opportunity?

There are groups on Facebook that share and post job offers of all kinds. One of my friends shared shared LatAm Connex’s job post and it was that way that I found out and applied.

What are your expectations with this new job?

I am commited to learning new skills and growing professionally. This is certainly a new path for mi and I have quite liked it.

What do you think is the relationship between one’s English level and job opportunities? Why do you think this relationship is important?

The moment I decided to study English, I knew that many doors would open to me and that I would have better opportunities in the work field. I have performed in many different roles and positions in which knowledge and a good handle of the language is obligatory. For example, as an English teacher, as an academic coordinator for firms, as a personal assistant and as a customer service representative.

Do you have any advice for people who may be reading?

Sadly, I see people are not aware that remote work as a possibility exists, at least not here in Chile. I don’t believe that this position might be very attractive for someone young who has recently graduated, wants to go out and see the world and has more interest in opportunities of working in different locations. However, once you have been there and done that, after 10 years of working and you do not want to waste time going back and forth and living from the office, when you want to spend more time with your children and you have a family that requires more of your attention and you need a good quality of life, remote work offers incredible opportunities that allow you to carry out all that you want and in a good way. I find it convenient and it fits me well!

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