LATAM has “More to Offer” Than India or Phillipines according to Latest Global Study  

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Confirming with all of us here at LatAm Connex have realized over the past few years, according to a recent market analysis firm Everest Group on the latest global services trends, it has been confirmed that Latin America appears to be even more attractive of a destination for IT Support services than even the giant leading competitors India and the Philippines.

In the past, typically the bulk of work that was outsourced to Latin America centered around relatively lower-level tasks such as data entry or sales and billing. However, LATAM countries are beginning to move from the traditional bilingual voice support to more complex work, Everest found.

Major events have influenced on business to change and define the industry from default on the Argentine debt to instability in the Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa – while not directly linked to global services – do define part of the context of the industry at present.

North America and the UK are showing more interest on offshoring and outsourcing opportunities from the emerging markets, since they are increasing their foothold in certain verticals due to the nature of the demand from emerging markets, verticals where there is strong interior or domestic demand present natural opportunities for offshoring or outsourcing

Everest Group has found that Latam is evolving since the growth is primarily to service Latin America and North America, the region offers more unexplored opportunity than India or the Philippines, according to H. Kathik, leading Partner at Everest Group’s Global Sourcing area.

This is exactly why LatAm Connex was founded – we see this growing opportunity and we are working together in conjunction with innovative Companies from North America to help them to expand their teams and projects with incredible bilingual IT talent from the region, who are also in their same time zone.

The demand changes for different types of services varies according the country. Taking Mexico as an example, it is largely around IT, with growth beyond Mexico City to Guadalajara, Monterrey and other tier-two cities, offering significant operating cost savings across IT and BPO (business processes such as data entry, customer service, and call centers), with cities like Guadalajara offering a saving of 15% on average and those like Cuidad Juarez and Monterrey offering approximately 20%.

On the other hand the interest in Latin America is driven by bilingual voice work, while that in Trinidad and Jamaica is centred on English language work.

Slowly but surely, companies are beginning to turn to Latin America, largely because they have already tried both in-house and off shore centers in other parts of the world and now they are turning to Latin America for a refreshing alternative which provides a stronger cultural affinity and the exact same business hours, in comparison to many parts of the rest of the world.

Everest Group predicts that this will be a key trend to watch going into the second half of the year, as there is now a rising competition to the rest of the world emerging from theLatin American region.

LatAm Connex has been working for several years now matching up the best bilingual professional around the region with the right job with the right employer, while saving them money, time, and making life easier for both parts on this changing and exciting lifestyle.

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