Latino Professionals—The Future of IT Nearshoring to the US?

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Two months were all it took for Ray Arias to be delighted with Latino talent. Ray is the Founder of Arias Information Solutions LLC, AIS in Chicago, Illinois, that provides technology, management and engineering solutions to an array of companies and industries, both enterprise-wide and task specific. Their goal is to provide their clients with the best thinking and implementation available. They combine experience, creativity and industry best practices with technology to help their clients achieve their business objectives, realize value and identify new opportunities beyond their current horizons.

A new idea becomes reality

For Ray, saving time was crucial so he could spend it wisely in his daily work activities in AIS. He needed a new model to hire people but without spending hours reading job profiles and also interviewing. After explaining the idea to two friends, just one of them understood perfectly what Ray wanted, and that person was Jacki Torres de Director of LatAm Connex. According to Ray, she listened patiently to all Ray’s ideas and immediately got to work developing this model.

As the LatAm Connex model was already specialized in helping companies find, filter and gather the best expert professionals and presenting them for final interview, it wasn’t very difficult to adapt this model to Ray’s needs.

Ray is very happy and satisfied with LatAm Connex’s work. “Jacki gets it”, he says, and he saves time by just sending her his requirements. All he has left to do after that is the technical interviews in case it is completely necessary. LatAm Connex has been providing excellent candidates from Mexico (for the moment). Right now 3 Mexicans have already moved to Chicago to work with Ray, all of them recruited through LatAm Connex. He expects to be hiring 10 professionals in total.

Why Latino talent?

Ray has worked with talent from India before, considering the talent in India saves money to companies abroad too.

However now he has highlighted the benefits of now changing to Latinos:

  • Their accent is more understandable
  • They take less time to adapt to the American culture (affinity)
  • They understand instructions and plans easier
  • It is way cheaper to hire professionals from Mexico than from India, (talking about transportation (he sponsors the ticket) and TN Visa fee (he sponsors the visa).
  • Besides saving costs, Ray can compare and search the studies background from the Mexicans easier than the Indian professionals, as he has a better idea of their preparation because the information is easier to find about the Mexican universities.

How is it working out now?

Ray is quite impressed with the professionals that have already arrived to Chicago to work with AIS (Ismael, Tavo, and Alberto- you can find Tavo’s story on LCX blog and Alberto’s story of this new opportunity for his whole family). Their English is so good, they have a lot of experience in their field and they are really smart people. They definitely did their homework and went further than he expected, he is surprised how Jacki (LatAm Connex Director) can find these amazing professionals and present them to him, and he hopes things keep going as good as they look like they’re going to go.

 The future

Ray hopes he can keep bringing staff to the states from Mexico. He has already recommended this type of business among his colleagues, and one of them is already in touch with LatAm Connex to start  a business relationship. It is indeed part of the future.

In Ray’s words

“It is really working out well so far, we have some excellent candidates and are not finished yet. Jacki is easy to work with and has a unique value proposition.” Ray Arias Founder of Arias Information Solutions LLC

Ray is happy to help people to change their life. After all, he also has strong ties to Mexico. His Mexican grandparents immigrated to the United States in the early 1920’s.