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A few days ago, we had the chance to congratulate Laura Castro for her success and hard work during the selection process for her new position in Business Development. From Colombia, with an MSc in International Business and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Laura reflects with us a little bit about her current path and how she has dived into IT so that she could expand her career. We asked her a couple questions, and this what she had to share:

Now that she has started working with her new team, Laura tells us: “I think that it’s an extremely organized company; a very united and proactive team despite its remote nature. I think that our communication is excellent — you could even say it’s more effective than talking in-person. Why? Because we aren’t seeing each other and everything is done digitally. Meetings are handled with much more structure.” Interestingly, similar observations have been [noted] by [other people] too about their remote experience. “Today I had a meeting with my manager and the entire sales team; it was quite organized and it yielded good results. We work on a digital platform and within thirty minutes we worked out our objectives collaboratively.”

What has been your remote experience previously?

When I used to work at IBM, our clients were in Mexico. Prior to that when I worked in Hybrytec, I was based in Bogotá but my team was based in Medellín, so the bulk of the work was remote.

How did you become interested in tech and IT?

I have always liked the subject and the advances in the field; it’s very interesting. I am a mechanical engineer and when I began my career I worked with companies that focused more on industries like solar energy and manufacturing. At that time I really wanted to learn about the IT sector because it’s an industry that is constantly evolving and responding to market demand and initiatives. I took on a sales position at IBM for that reason (I had sales experience under my belt). Without a doubt, this was a good thing because it was an opportunity to learn about the field and use what I learned previously and my professional profile.

What are your thoughts on the application process you experienced with LatAm Connex?

The screening process was very efficient. The LCX team vas very helpful during the CV assessment and there was a workshop where we uploaded videos and some essays in English. This kind of work requires dedication and effort. They can establish how committed people are from the get-go and use this as a basis for optimal candidate selection. They were always there with me during the process, and the person who recruited me always kept me in the loop throughout; it was very, very good.

What advice would you give to those interested in taking the next step and working remotely?

I suggest they do it. The work is efficient. At least in my case, transportation in my city is complicated and it takes a lot of time and money. Working from home or anywhere else remotely affords you flexibility. If you travel somewhere else you can still work without an issue. There is no doubt that today more organizations are becoming digital — they are using more digital communication tools and they are at the cutting edge — so one should carry onwards with tech because the world is becoming increasingly more connected.

Being organized is important in addition to managing time and being engaged with your commitments and responsibilities. The fact that you work remotely does not mean that you have no need to contribute: you have meetings and and objectives to carry forward in your organization.

Where do you see yourself headed from here?

Within the company, I see myself on a path towards a position with greater leadership capabilities, in which I can add to strategy and to big impact and relevance projects and deals. I see myself headed towards that strategic area.

We want to thank Laura for giving us a bit of her time to offer us some of her perspective on the topic. Together with her and dozens of other Latin Americans, we look forward to sharing with you more news and specially how they unfold at their new career adventures.

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