Mexican and Chilean professionals Certify in English and Java skills

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From October, 2013 to February, 2014, 9 professionals from Mexico to Chile made the decision to jumpstart their futures in the Latin American IT industry by living on Curaçao, a multicultural, multilingual island in the Caribbean, and taking part in the English Connex program (, to boost their TOEIC scores and raise their expertise in the softskills, IT abilities, and cultural and business knowhow that is required to be hired by top companies that work with US-based projects.

BLOG-Mexicans_Chileans_certifying_JavaThe 9 professionals ranged from zero to 5+ years of industry experience, and raised their TOEIC scores on average to near-perfect scores of between 850-975 points out of a possible 1000. TOEIC is one of the industry-standard tests used by corporate and educational institutions to measure English skills.

The immense potential of the talent of Latin American professionals to assist in both local and US-based IT industry projects  has been stated many times by numerous sources, and these nine professionals truly understood what it takes to be become a leader in this field.

Many of the graduates of the ECX program participated because they knew they wanted to get to the top of the job market, but were also aware that they were lacking some of the key skills that the very top companies required. They were committed to training and developing themselves personally and professionally so they could be valuable assets to these companies who already take advantage of location, time zone, and reduced costs to provide services for the US from Latin America.

The more US companies that realize that many Latin American IT graduates are proactive, bilingual, motivated, and have exceptional skill sets that are perfect for IT projects, the more this wave of working in partnership between the US and Latin America  will expand exponentially.

Walter Fortino Velázquez, an ECX 2013-2014 participant who just graduated in January of 2014, explained the rare and valuable resources that can be found in professionals like himself, such as those graduating from the program:

“I have just the right skills and capabilities to perform excellent work and everything that is required… and even further; I am a proactive person. I am able to handle situations carefully with special attention to the details. I believe that most of the errors can be avoided or reduced with good planning. I am a passionate developer that is motivated by challenges and excited by learning new technologies. I am also very adaptable and for me it is easy to fit in the situation and react very fast, coming up with a solution.

          I fully believe that working… will be quite satisfying for the company itself and for me, as both sides will get a lot of benefits and we will be able to work hard and achieve every goal and challenge that will come in the way.”

Walter was hired by Tata Consultancy Services, the leading IT company in his hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico, within just 1 week of returning from the program.  Many of the other graduates of ECX Mexico 2013-2014 are also being on-boarded by this top company, to work on projects for the US market.

TCS has been featured in many different sources on multiple occasions for their innovative thinking with regards to partnering with Latin America and leveraging its strengths to provide the highest quality of service for its US clients.

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