Our first professional from Trinidad: His big dreams took him to Mexico led him to LatAm Connex

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Kayode  Anthony shows us how living in a small country like Trinidad and Tobago should never stop you from making your dreams come true. He was born in Jamaica and moved to Trinidad and Tobago  at really early age, and he considers himself more Trinidadian, making him our first ever professional from that country. He always dreamed about working from home and not having to waste time moving from one place to another. He also enjoys life in new countries.

Story of his life

It didn’t take very long for Kayode to realize he had a great love of the technology field. As a young boy growing up in the English-speaking Caribbean, his mum bought him a PC Jr. when he was a kid, and his very first program was just colors on the screen. He loved it, and after a very long break, he eventually returned to it much later in the University, obtaining a Computer Science degree.

A few years ago, he relocated to Mexico because of the proximity to California, in addition to having heard that it was a good place to work in a world class programming environment. He applied for the visa and now he is legally living in Mexico for the past 3 years.

Also moving from Trinidad and Tobago has given him a much larger world-view as well as the ability to learn about new cultures and ways of life. He embraced Mexico’s culture quickly- he got to see the pyramids, listened to mariachi music and was happy to get to know a culture that is often difficult to get to know from the English-speaking Caribbean, or only seen on the surface because of the language. So of course he also wanted to do something that would force him to learn Spanish while at the same time furthering his career. That’s what led him to study his Master’s Degree in Mexico.

In his own words

“I have been happy because I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of both the professional culture in my field and the Latin American culture which is so close to the Caribbean but often not seen. Latin America and the English-speaking Caribbean are neighbours and I’m  happy to know grow in my understanding of both places as the experience has also helped me to put the broader world into perspective, link the histories and understand people in general. I am still learning and I feel like I can put what I know to good use.”

How did he get this amazing opportunity?

He saw Latam Connex page on a friends’s linkedIn profile and he thought we were offering a great service so he thought, “why not?” He was the one that reached out to us, sending his resume “just in case”.  What really sold him on the company was when Jacki (LatAm Connex Director) responded to him personally and he saw her blog. He liked what he saw there a lot. The filtering process and interaction made him feel comfortable.

He has worked as a freelancer before. It is actually part of why he got into the IT field, because he saw the potential for remote work while doing something that he loved. And it has been rewarding. He thinks that technology is a real opportunity to bring the world together in a balanced way.

“You can provide service anywhere in the world and contribute to your own economy without leaving it. Or the economy of any place that you decide to stay. It opens up a broad range of possibilities both for the individual and the place that they are located.”-  Kayode

Right now he is working as a PHP Developer for CSW Solutions which he found through LatAm Connex filtering process, all from home in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.

One thing all of our professionals have in common is they all share the love of the idea of creating something from nothing that computers provide, the curiosity to know more about the real functions, and how to create and change the way a computer works. Basically, in a nutshell, the ability to impact people all over the world.

We welcome Kayode to our LatAm Connex family and thank him for opening the doors and pioneering the way for many more Carribbean professionals to come in the future!