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I would like to write a little bit today about an interview with Jake Goldman that I stumbled across in the Find Your Calling blog. He founded the fantastic digital agency 10up and in this interview he shares valuable insight on how to go about harnessing your potential and using your passion. Here at LatAm Connex, we recognize how this mindset has been instrumental to many of our successful candidates, and we believe it is paramount to doing great remote work.

There are many paths that people can take to get to their destinations.

“Being truly devoted to a craft is something special, and you shouldn’t get discouraged if your pursuits don’t seem to be headed in the direction of the lofty goals you set for yourself.”- Jake Goldman (Source)

Passion and economic realities seem to be often at odds with each other. How do we calibrate our personal passions and skills to fit both the market and our goals? Jake believes that you can find that ideal balance between what we are passionate about and what others value economically. There are many ways of doing this. One way, he suggests, involves doing a lot of different jobs that share the common theme of your skillset. As an example of one of our successful candidates, Laura Castro, was able to channel her experience in sales development and her background in mechanical engineering to land a great remote job for an American IT company by approaching it from the standpoint of what her interests are and what she is good at. Similarly, Eligio Merino expanded his perspective and honed his craft by harnessing his passion for IT in all sorts of interesting places and now he enjoys the challenges that come from being a remote Linux systems administrator.

“The skills you choose to develop when you’re not worried about money are the skills that become valuable later on in life.” – Jake Goldman (Source)

The important thing to keep in mind is that the world thrives on goodwill and good karma. Do things because it will help others and improve the world. This will compound and the returns will exceed what you put in. As a great example, Jake’s company 10up was sunsetting a travel program and decided to pool travel points for a charitable donation to Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and engineering. The good consequences of this will multiply over the years.

Money should not be people’s first priority and we recognize that there needs to be a deeper drive and passion behind what we dedicate so much of our time to — our true calling.

“You should see whatever you’re doing, no matter how small, as something that makes a difference. If you’re building a website and you focus on how it might make someone’s day easier, you’re going to do a better job, Goldman says.” – (Source)

This is very inspiring because helping others out, making a difference, improving your abilities and listening to your passion is not a zero-sum game.

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