Stability and quality is what you will find in Latino talent: Tim Webb Genuitec

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We are excited to start working with Genuitec, a great company that strongly believes in Latino and remote talent. Genuitec is a company created by people with backgrounds in technology and IT that didn’t want to commute, instead preferring to do all their work from their houses. The company builds software solutions allowing global enterprises to mitigate their technology risk and increase developer productivity by delivering advanced products used across the developer’s workflow.

They are headquartered outside of Dallas, Texas, although they are purely a virtual organization with employees in eight countries across the globe.

Timothy Webb, the Director of Innovation, shared Genuitec’s experience on how this business model works for them.

Technology is not perfect

Tim says: “When it comes to working remotely, you really have to be very efficient on how you’re approaching it. To manage a remote team you need to establish the game rules from the beginning, you have to be very explicit on how you are going to work. At the end of the day, each member of the team has to find how to work together and understand each members role on the company, it’s up to everyone to find out the perfect balance and be effective when it comes to working remotely.”


Their experience with LCX and Latinos

Talking about his experience with talent from LatAm, Tim says: “We are very pleased with the quality of the hires we have brought in. Each of the positions was quite distinct in its requirements and this is where companies like LCX do a great job in finding the perfect fit for the positions. In each case, the candidates have integrated smoothly into their respective teams and are providing strong contributions exceeding expectation.”


Challenges and misconceptions about Latinos

“For sure is very different from the typical US expectation.” At a convention in Silicon Valley a couple years back, Tim remembers chatting about having a Latino team and being asked if people showed up on time and if they were reliable. Certainly Hollywood hasn’t done Latino’s any favors with stereotypes but his experience has been completely opposite. Over the past years he’s been managing a team in Mexico, he is impressed both by the quality of the engineering, but perhaps more importantly by the stability of the team in Mexico. Like all places, when recruiting you have to weed out people taking advantage of working from home. In Genuitec’s experience, they have had very responsible hires in Latin America.

In his case, when it came to trying to find the right people on their own, one of the challenges they had faced is that they found, in Mexico at least, that certain towns and universities have particular technical biases, so is likely to find a big cluster of .Net developers when you are looking for a Java developer. He says: “Recognizing regions that have the right types of jobs that match your requirements helps finding the top talent you want for your team.”


And in case you haven’t started hiring Latinos or going virtual…

“Just remember we are all work virtually, even if you’re in an office you’re not always working only with the person sitting next to you. You work with other people from the company virtually, from another floor, another department through emails, through calls or messages.”


Tim’s quick advice is:

  1. Start small – instead of embarking on a grand new strategy, just hire a couple people. It is quick and easy, and from there it will grow as your confidence does.
  1. Think about a team setting – if you don’t currently have Latinos in your company, grouping together a couple helps their confidence as well as giving them a chance to learn together about your products.

Find a balance and figure out how to make your team effective and happy.

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