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Edwin Buitrago from Manizales Caldas, Colombia joined the LatAm Connex family in May, 2014. He is Senior Resources Manager, aka “the face behind the recruiting”. If you have gone through LCX process to be selected and work remotely or on site in the US, Edwin is likely the professional in charge of finding you and guiding you through the process to be selected. We would like you to know more about Edwin!

Meet Edwin                     

He is a customer oriented professional with extensive experience in management, recruiting, coaching and many other small areas that he believes can make a professional become great. He has been involved and learning about new technologies his whole life, he loves technology and he is impressed about how it help us every day to make things easier, faster and better.

He had the great opportunity to be around many great professionals in different areas that helped him grow as a better professional and to develop his skills to keep improving every day. He learned that everybody has a story that can teach you a valuable lesson for your life and that if you’re smart enough to pay attention to everyone, you won’t ever stop growing and you will always keep learning new things that would help you in the future and will also help you share your knowledge the best way.

He has always learned many things just by watching others doing it, every time he thinks about that he just feels blessed because he’s a really fast learner person who has been exposed to many different situations in life and thank God he always achieved his goals and kept growing. It’s not easy when you try to share your knowledge being a fast learner person because you realize that everyone is different and also the learning skills for everyone are so different that at times can be overwhelming.

What did he do to get where he is today 

While watching the movie about Steve Jobs, he got very impressed about his life and what he was able to achieve, just like him, he is 100% believer about connecting the dots. All his life he was exposed to many different things, sometimes he liked them and sometimes he just didn’t but he never forgot there was always a lesson and something new to learn. After thinking for so long that maybe he wasted his time with some of those things he realized that he was able to practice and use many of the things he learned through his entire life that helped him to become what he is today and there are many things he is still learning, that for sure will help him to become a better person tomorrow.

He has a strong relationship with God and he believes it’s a preparation for something better. It has been really rewarding for him to teach people how to become better at what they do in their jobs and guiding them through the process to make sure they achieve their goals and getting the great feeling of changing someone’s life by doing something he knew or wanted to do…

On this experience, being a manager really opened his mind about his technical skills, his approach to people, the way he talks and many other different ways. He had the opportunity to teach how to become a better manager and that was a huge opportunity to really show his skills, something he never thought of doing, since he used to get so nervous during his presentations on class (he hated it) also the patience, his approach and skills.

After all the small things that make a life great, like falling many times to get up stronger and all the frustration, he learned to accept the changes in life and take the best part of each one.

What does it mean to Edwin to work from home:

“When you live in a big city you realize about meaning of the work (time). I’m from a small city where you don’t worry about it. I started looking for the opportunity to work from home while I was in a big city and the difference is huge, just starting by the 4 hours in my case that I don’t have to spend daily in the traffic away from my family. The environment is definitely not as hostile as it can be sometimes when you work at any office and the opportunity to see my daughter grow up it’s just priceless. I love working from home and all the advantages you get with it and I believe it makes you a better professional as you need to be more focused and independent at the same time.” -Edwin Buitrago

What does it mean to Edwin to help other people through LCX

For Edwin It’s just amazing to be part of someone else’s personal and professional growth. Every time we give the opportunity to anybody it just feels great and as you speak with them after the process you can feel how thankful they are to be given an opportunity like this. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have a better life and also for giving me the chance to do the same for others.