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Our team is composed of professionals from different places from the Americas, and their backgrounds are just as diverse. We have a twist that show us how everyone can start doing remote work. Our COO Nathan shares his experience of how he came to work with LCX.

He is originally from Michigan, but he has lived in many places, including Ukraine, New York City, Thailand, Nepal and now Colombia (that’s one thing all the LCX staff have in common, we all love to travel and get to know different cultures) and he loves to share his travels through photography.

The travelling and experience begins here
He worked for nearly eight years with UNICEF, starting as a Human Resources Assistant. Eventually he became involved with SAP-HR projects where he worked on developing training materials and systems testing. He was a business analyst/assistant project manager on an SAP e-Recruitment rollout before leading the training development and delivery of a global SAP implementation.

Just before that SAP system went live, he took a position in Bangkok to provide end-user support to UNICEF staff in South and East Asia and the Pacific. A year later he moved to Kathmandu to work solely with South Asia offices on business process improvement.

In March of 2014, he decided the time was right to take a break so he could travel on his own and explore new opportunities. He’d wanted to learn Spanish for a long time, so he made his way to Latin America and eventually settled in Medellin, where he lives now, working with LCX and also pursuing a project with two friends to open a small, boutique eco-hotel near here (coming soon).

Remote experience
He’s a newbie to remote work. He thinks It’s a great opportunity for him and he loves the ability to work from nearly anywhere.

He shared with us his idea of the challenges of working remotely, however, mostly having to do with figuring out how to be efficient and productive with time and staying focused on the most important tasks. It is important to develop routines and take steps to avoid distractions. One really has to develop self discipline when working remotely because there is no boss looking over your shoulder to see what you’re up to!

Coincidences opening doors
Our CEO found his profile on LinkedIn and initially contacted him about a position with a client in Colorado. At the time she reached out to him, he’d decided to stay in Medellin, and was looking for work there or remotely, so he let her know he wasn’t available for the client position but he’d like to discuss other opportunities.

When they had a conversation, she explained to him the work LCX does and asked if he’d be interested in joining the team to help manage the business operations. It seemed like a great fit, so he said yes!

LCX concept
He believes LCX has a solid business model and is well-positioned to save our US-based clients time and money. Time because we do the leg-work of looking for and screening the best Latino candidates. Money because Latino professionals are educated, skilled and competent, and especially for remote work costs less than their US counterparts.

What the future holds
He’d like to see LCX as a mature, established player in the recruitment space, providing value to our clients and helping high-quality Latino professionals fulfill their potential and their dreams of working remotely and on-site in the US.

He hopes to be part of that growth, and five years from now he also hopes to be the owner of a successful hotel in Medellin (we certainly wish him the best!).

His advice for Latino professionals
He gave us the best piece of advice: English and time.

Latino professionals who want to work with US companies need to have good English skills, and they need to understand that time is viewed differently in the US. Appointments and deadlines are usually firm and it’s expected that you will be on time and complete your work within any agreed schedule. Being late is considered very unprofessional and will reflect poorly on the person. This is one of the topics we explore in our free forums: next stop Mexico!

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience what Latino professionals have to offer, either remotely or on-site. Get in contact with us to talk about your needs and we will help you find the most qualified professionals.

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