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Some companies that outsource services abroad have yet to discover the benefits of hiring Latino professionals, let alone Venezuelan talent.

Despite the political problems facing their country, Venezuelan professionals are willing, eager, and qualified to be taken into consideration by global companies looking for remote talent.

LatAm Connex has first-hand experience working with Venezuelan professionals and here we demonstrate that some of the concerns others may have about working there are unfounded.

What are the main requirements when choosing a professional to work remotely from another part of the world?

1. Professionally competitive with all the required knowledge

The Venezuelan government has been investing a lot in education over the past 15 years. The policy of university democratization has increased the number of students by 294 % – from 894,418 in the year 2000 to 2,630,000 in 2014*.

With 2,630,000 university students, Venezuela was recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as having the world’s fifth highest rate of university attendance and the second highest in Latin America.

And the top 5 most demanded degrees in Venezuela?

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
2. Social Media Community Manager
3. Health and Biotechnology
4. Computer Engineering
5. Systems Engineering

As far as education goes, companies can rely and trust that Venezuela offers highly qualified professionals.

2. Good English level

While the average citizen may not have much knowledge of English, in the professional IT area the level of English is generally quite high. There are a good number of Venezuelan professionals who speak English at work every day – giving employers a large employee pool of English speakers to select from.

In order to assess and ensure proficiency in English, LatAm Connex provides an evaluation to all candidates – no matter where they are from – before they are presented to the client.

3. Stable Wi-Fi connection

There are several ISP (Internet Service Providers) in Venezuela, such as DIGITEL and Inter, while the main ISP is the government-controlled CANTV. In Venezuela it is possible to have connections of between 2 and 10 Mbps, which is good enough for downloading, working with remote servers and videoconferencing, including telephone calls with customers via VOIP.

Talking with Venezuelan professionals some of the solutions they offer instead of focusing in the problems, many use 2 ISP’s to guarantee that they have a strong connection at all times so they can focus on delivering great service to clients.

Another option available is to hire an exclusive internet service. While it is more expensive, the opportunity to work remotely for an international company is considered well worth the extra cost.

4. Stable electric power

We have seen the news that Venezuela sometimes experiences severe power outages**. This presents a challenge for those whose entire work relies completely on a laptop, but again they have a solution for this as many choose to buy an inverter or a small power generator, giving them the tools to cope with power-outages at all times.

5. Ability to work in the same time zone

This isn’t a big problem for Latin America since the time difference will never be more than 2 hours ahead of the US.

Venezuelans do not focus on problems, they look for solutions. So, the next time you receive a CV from a Venezuelan professional, don’t focus so much on where is he/she from but more on the qualification and skills of the prospective employee.


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