Working Remotely—A Great Opportunity to Advance Professionally

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My name is Ana Santillana and I work as social relations manager for LatAm Connex. Like most of our professionals, I have gotten the opportunity to work remotely through this model, which has really helped me to have the type of life I always dreamed of.

I was born in a small city at the north of Mexico and since before graduating from University, I knew I didn’t want to stay static, I always wanted to travel and know most of the countries on the world, I knew it wouldn’t be cheap, so for that I needed to get a job,  which wouldn’t get in the way of my dream, forcing me to stay in a fixed place in order to work.

As soon as I graduated I moved out to Mexico City, where the pay and the job opportunities are higher than in my hometown, I quickly found a great job on a global company where I worked on my own major area, that is when I thought travelling would be harder, having to follow a schedule and places to be on, still I managed to travel on my own and for business.

After almost 3 years living in Mexico City and saving a significant amount, my boyfriend and I decided to start our plan of travelling around South America for 6 months, tentatively. The only problem would be when my savings ran out, so finding a remotely job became my main priority, a less than a month from quitting my old job, Jacki, the LatAm Connex Director, found me and gave me the great opportunity to make my plans real.

I highly recommend to work remotely, it gives you so much freedom to manage your time and basically has given me the opportunity to travel around South America at the same time I’m earning money. When people ask me how I can have the lifestyle, the first thing I tell them is “Learn English”. I got my last 2 jobs thanks to that and it is obvious that you can get so many more job opportunities if you dominate more than 1 language. The second I tell them “Specialize” in something according your major, there are so many people around the world looking for someone like you, even you won’t be travelling to find those opportunities in those countries, but thanks to the internet you can work for them remotely. Mexico and Latin America offer great professionals in the IT area and companies form the US are starting to get interested in outsourcing Latinos.

Once you decide to change the way you work and don’t go to an office anymore, you have to organize your times and activities carefully so you can fill the schedule terms your boss gave you, to stick to these times even on the breaks would show how responsible you are and will open so many doors for you, if you are willing to work extra time or you work better at night, it is really important you talk about this with your boss, sometimes the job you were hired for doesn’t allow you to do that.

In my case, travelling constantly has made me organize my times and days to fulfil my bosses’ requirements, I am completely happy and grateful to be able to do it.

Even though many companies are still sceptical about outsourcing personnel, but is just a matter of time for more companies and countries to open to this work style.

It doesn’t only offer benefits to you, you earn more money than in your country, you manage your time efficiently, you save money on going from one place to another and on buying food for your lunch, and the most important of all, you get to spend time with your beloved ones and on the other side the companies save a lot of money by outsourcing, so everyone wins.

It has been almost two months since I left Mexico and it has been so far the best decision I have made in my life, nothing of this would be possible if I hadn’t found this job, and the excellent boss with who I keep a really close communication.

Now my boyfriend and I work remotely and when we are finished with this side of the world we will start with Asia.

All I have to make sure is always to have my laptop and a stable wifi connection to stay in contact with my boss and family but the place it’s up to me.